Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let's Go. Don't Wait.

Best artists alive. Don't even try to fight me on that one. Their latest debut as a back-together band had me more ecstatic than my reaction when I see non-Forever 21 apparel being worn in West Lafayette. Why did such an unfortunate event have to take place to get these guys to realize the rein of Blink 182 isn't over? Regardless, the reformation of this band and their Chicago concert last year practically made 2009 worth living. "This summer was the test, and we got out there, and it was the best time I've had playing with those two dudes in my life," Travis said. "It felt even better than old times, so I can't wait to do an album together again." Um, neither can I.

As I casually made my way to the kitchen, I stopped to stare at the Blink poster on the wall. Travis is the only one draped in shades, which I'm not too upset about. The thing is, at nearly 22 years of age, I'm still obsessed with this pop punk sensation that has been around for almost 12 years. Always a winning selection when I listen to their songs at any given moment of the day. But it's always a losing selection when I'm at a party. Everyone is well-aware that I know every, single lyric. Smells like success.

Mark. Tom. Travis. You all have a piece of my heart.
A bigger chunk to Travis, solely for his outlandish tattoos.

Fate fell short this time
Your smile fades in the summer
Place your hand in mine
I’ll leave when I wanna

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Time to get sappy. This post will have nothing to do with music, celebrities, or Ed Hardy. In fact, it's a tribute to those who have made my entire academic career absolutely amazing. Five years ago, I remember sitting at my computer like I am right now, debating which college I should go to. Clicking through University photos and reading student experiences, I realized I just had to go with my gut.

One of the best decisions I've ever made to date.

Purdue, Purdon't. I've matured into someone I never thought I would be. Every choice I have made in the past, whether it be good or bad, has shaped me into the person I am today. I'm more than content. Who would think leaving West Lafayette would be so hard? As ready as I am to leave the campus bars, Target inspired wardrobes, subjective English midterm papers, and late night eating due to boredom and well, other things, I can't forget what being here has done for me. So much, that I can't even express the half of it in words.

Best Friends. New Friends. Old Friends. Acquaintances. Facebook Friends. Passerby's. They all have some kind of impact. Maybe it's Jessica. You were only friends with her for a few months, but you needed the friendship then because it helped you through a horrible breakup with your boyfriend. Or maybe it's Jacob. He's been your best friend since freshman year. You decided to pick up a minor in Nutrition, because you were intrigued by his major of Dietetics. Everyone has an impact, whether you like it or not.

Just 4 years (unless, that is, you switch your major 3 times, pick up 2 minors, and fail out of 1 class, twice). I had no idea I'd learn professional etiquette, find my bridesmaids, discover my career path, and have the time of my life. Why is the first and last thing I want to do is graduate?

What really prompted me to become sad is the realization of losing my youth. Not to be dramatic, but things will change the second May 14th quickly comes and goes. No more skipping classes due to the 80 degree, perfect weather. No more deciding to just lay in bed and watch movies all day because I feel like it. No more staying out until the wee hours of the morning on week nights. No more trips to Basil, the only close-to-thai food on campus. No more showing up late to class, because I was too busy plotting my next frat lapping excursion with a friend via phone. But most importantly, no more being with these friends morning, noon, and night. As I do the final critique of my resume and finish up the research on companies I'll be applying to, I will start selling my soul as of next week with the simple left click on "send message."

There's comfort here in this college town. But luckily, there's a new chapter of life ahead to experience. It's time to say goodbye to my Indiana safe haven; at least I have a full month left to do so. I was told by elders that college will be the quickest four years of my life. They weren't kidding.

:cue in sad graduation song: