Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mark Ronson

Shall I sneak into your show next week by somehow acquiring a backstage pass at Webster Hall?

Not only is it a necessity to get my hands all over his new album release, but someone slap me now that I started listening to jazz-esque, rock techno. Such a phenomenon does, in fact, exist. Tell me all my vendors are shipping late or can't follow through on styles that we've already used our corporate advertising dollars on -regardless, just play the MNDR + Q-Tip + Mark Ronson collaboration and it's as if I live the high life as a 20 pounds heavier, Stacey Bendet. Pure glee and triumphant pursuit.

Besides a glass of wine prior to bed and disturbing those into a confusional depression, a guilty pleasure had been stumbling upon Mark Ronson's album, Version, back a few years ago. Thus breaking through yet again in 2010, his twisted beats are headed back to my earphones on my 8am walks to the subway, gazelling by those with a smug look of boredom across their faces.

Feature La Roux, at once.


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