Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Daily Horoscope.

Try not to worry too much about whether or not you're actually dealing with anything you may be freaked out about. Instead, you need to focus on your more positive ambitions and desires.
(As today was the most stressful day I've had in quite sometime, this suggestion of hopeful correction to my absurd anxiety factors shockingly true).

I'm not one to judge; however, rub me the wrong way and I will attack your astrology sign by twisting around your negative traits to haunt you into a deafening coma. Not really, but close. Horoscopes do not encompass vague advice, for I always check my 'scope the following day to see if it renders the facts. It does. Perhaps it's just about convincing yourself to believe in something. If every day you thought you were allergic to chocolate, you'd give yourself a stomach ache. Keep things real, people.

Back to judging:

Sagittarius, you are a wet blanket. "Since when does efficiency equal fun? Since you got your hands on a to-do list, that's when! Your great personal energy makes crossing off chores just about the most fun a human can be allowed to have." Perhaps you should befriend more Leo's. "Even the most boring work chores keep you engaged and having fun today -and house cleaning is a riot! Somehow, your good energy makes almost anything seem to be fun, so tackle the dirty stuff."

You both should come clean my apartment while I flee to go hang out with the Kardashanian's. By that I mean, intense stalking as I trickle behind with alarming commentary which enables doom on their success. Love how the theme for astrology readings of the day consisted of none other than work-related situations; so it's only necessary I update my blog on company time.

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