Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Urban Dictionary says:

The great affliction of the modern world. The unintentional judgement by one person of another persons suitability as a friend, associate, or future lover based predominantly on their appearance.

So what if we take self-portraits in mirrors, phones, Apple computers or any other device I'm sadly unaware about -at least we have the confidence to do so. Vanity isn't a bad characteristic nor does it embody the word "emptiness" like some pessimistics try to prove. I believe it's having the persistent control of your thoughts which prove you are, in fact, worth something. Maybe if more people would have a fraction of self-discipline and dominance over their inner, doubtful minds, they would stop blaming others for their unattainable success and misfortune.

I do not pity you solely because you are a hazard to yourself.

Words from a random stranger (that you must take to heart):
"Wow. If I had a mirror that fancy, I'd look at myself each morning and give a little wink."

Michael Rublin, thank you for letting me feature your innocent picture on my blog, for you are my most recently fun friend in such a city of utter mayhem.

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