Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brutal Life

Blue Valentine: A movie that depicts love as a tormented agony with a punch of hate and utter routine. As a form of instant birth control, this is far from a romantic, indie drama, which most of us assumingly thought we'd see. A real life story that shakes up the sheltered and slaps the gifted is greatly appreciated as a welcome into the new year. As a huge Ryan Gosling fan, this must not go unseen. If you loved his passionate drive in The Notebook, you will be first in line at Target the day/night of it's dvd release.

Love at first sight.
Isn't real.

I feel discomfort and confusion when people believe in such a myth. As if I'd take such idea as a compliment would mean I am nothing more than a goddess on two legs thinking none other than hush puppies and sugar cookies. I want someone to love how obnoxiously opinionated I am, my harsh humor/judgmental commentary on others, and why I ask questions just to fill awkward gaps of silence. "At first sight" doesn't imply knowing about a person's past, values, morals, intelligence, drive, or habits. How can you truly love someone if you don't even know them?

I encourage you to partake in the bluest valentine on the face of the Earth. If it doesn't make you doubt whether or not you want to try out the whole marriage thing, I'm unsure if you're even human.


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  1. FYI its not a myth but your own personal opinion.
    Your father and I were *love at first sight*. He knew the minute he saw me that he would marry me. And I knew that he was *the one*. After a few years of getting to know each other...we said "I DO".
    It is real.