Sunday, January 16, 2011


(n): the quality or state of being illiterate; inability to read or write.

It's one thing to have never been taught the English language.
It's another to graduate with a degree from a Big 10 University and still write as if you are unaware that correct grammar correlates to adulthood. Although I never majored in American or British Literature, I still pride myself on being able to uphold conversation with others, whether composed in words or belted from my own vocals.

Synonym: Ignorance.
These are the same individuals who write as if they are speaking in an AOL chat room. Their self-induced shambles result in a distorted world, where acronyms embody life:

Hey, sry bout last nite. Haha. FYI- thnx to u, I'm gonna go c a therapist. Nvm about the pics on my cam, I *deleted* em all bc I looked bad. Prolly shudda stopped drinkin when u did, but o well…... I wanna c ya l8r to tlk. Txt me. xo.

Please note, the above absurdity took me well over 10 minutes to craft. If on Facebook long enough, I highlight those who update horrifically worded statuses with a swift friend deletion. Personal satisfaction that may be, but I will not let such nonsense swipe my life with cluttered angst. As this world is becoming more internet-involved, it's crucial people take on the personal challenge to carefully write on behalf of those taking away the intended message. If you cannot do that, light a fire and toss in all technological devices within your personal possession for you are not advancing at the rate you should be. If you are privileged enough to have two hands and an education, do not tamper with blatant illiteracy.

Happy 2011.

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  1. Hooked on Phonics! thats all I have to say...