Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pull Shapes

Betsey Johnson. I'm absolutely biased due to the year-long internship I had with her company and didn't think twice about it being unpaid. To be quite honest, I thought nothing could top her Betsey Crocker's Kitchen, but her recent Wild Wild West runway show has me second guessing. From the red booties to a skinny throne of hay, yeeee haw!

One wish. I want to be ridiculously cool and fabulous at almost 70 years of age. Betsey not only makes that seem so simple, but she'll make you feel naked without wearing red lipstick morning, noon, and night.

The Pipettes. The British pop girl group who's music reminds me of none other than Betsey Johnson. Check out "Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me" and today's blog post title. Not only will you feel as if you're in a time warp, but you'll wish I started blogging earlier in life. There's not a doubt in my mind they support Betsey by shopping pink.

Let's take a hot moment to speak of something random:
Can someone please explain why watching Tyra Banks pick out the next top model is almost as addicting as a freshly open jar of nutella? I'll be the voice of everyone: we can't stand her, yet we fuel her guilty pleasure and promote the existence of her egotistical shows. Tough love.

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