Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

Music starts

Listen hot stuff

Im in love

With this song

So just hush baby shut up

Heard enough

Is it just me, or are Ke$ha and Lady Gaga actually going down the same exact path of building a successful career based on confusing lyrics? Dress Ke$ha up in designer apparel by Alexander Wang paired with some epic, Vogue inspired Reeboks and you have yourself another fashion icon. Sometimes I wonder what their personal style was pre-celebrity status. Although, it would shatter my world knowing Charlotte Russe was in Gaga's wardrobe.

Fish nets. You know, the hooker black grids that you drape across your legs for style, since we all know those things don't keep you warm. They serve no purpose besides turning you from classy to trashy (or trashy to complete nast). I don't care what fad you're chasing, they are never stylish.
Might as well wear them with a denim skirt from A&F and call it a day. But the new trend of lacy tights = acceptable. Giddy up.

Favorite part of my weekend:
(sitting in the Coterie booth in NYC)
(old man stops and stares at collection)
"So which one of you is this Betsey Johnson?"
"None of us! Here's a picture."
(show cover of line sheets with image of designer)
"Oh that's not Betsey, that's Gaga!"
(casually walks away with his cane)

Not only does randomness make my life, but a comic relief in the midst of a twelve hour day.


  1. this old man must have had coke bottle glasses! or he was trying to hit on some pretty girls

  2. i yelled "i love you!" after him.

  3. I want you to know I love your blog and am now following it! Plus I think you do have the comic writing down so I think an *ahem* professors who think otherwise have never read anything by you.

    I am not a huge Ke$ha fan...I have her cd, but I was given it. I usually love the dirty bum party girl look too. I think she is kind of riding Gaga's coat tails. She wore a cat suit and I was like, nope you aren't pulling it off.