Monday, March 8, 2010

Control Yourself

all along the western front
people line up to receive
she got the current in her hand
just shock you like you won't believe
sun in the amazon
with the voltage running through her skin
standing there with nothing on
she gonna teach me how to swim

Both MGMT and Passion Pit make me utterly excited to hop on my Southwest flight, rudely push through people in the airport, and sink into my lawn chair in the Arizona sun draped in tanning oil, aviators, and a bandeau swimsuit. From their fashion to song, both make me question whether or not I'm living in year 2010. They are trickster figures in today's music industry: leaving us to question what we thought was quite obvious.

MGMT: “It just came from us hanging out, messing around, making songs. After a while we had two or three songs, and then it was four, and then at some point we just kind of realized we had a band. Without ever actually deciding to form a band.” Talent.

Passion Pit:
"They began as a one-man project of singer and songwriter Michael Angelakos to produce a Valentine's Day gift his girlfriend. The gift soon wound up in the hands of friends and acquaintances, who were enthralled with the work." Talent.

Inspiration, for me, comes from those who don't just try, but do.

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  1. they look like hippies but love the music. just chillin here listening to 'kids'..nice beat..perfect