Saturday, March 20, 2010

Look & Feel Delicious

Welcome, to The Welcome. Designer Jess LaRock, just 23 years old, stands at 5 feet tall, yet towers over her entire age bracket, and yours, with her dedication and talent. By blending together confusion, art and humor, Miss LaRock has created a line of apparel with personality-filled characters called "The Welcome" who are alarmingly adorable.

In the JLR look book, which I just received by mail (thanks Jess!), this young designer makes it known she won't remain under the radar.

"JLR offers fresh ideas to apparel that is not out there right now. It needs to be seen on the street, in the magazines, and worn by Lady Gaga. The designs and characters are always growing and evolving. They cannot bore anyone and JLR will be seen, loved, and rocked by the masses."

JLR 4EVA. Next venue: Miami, FL eMerge Trade Show April 27-28.

"Is that a mirror in your closet? Cuz I can see my shirt in there, baby!"

American Apparel, you've got competition; there's a new clothing line that's unisex. And this line isn't sexually suggesting and demeaning. To me, The Welcome isn't just a crazy little skull face on a T-shirt. It's a bold statement. Just like AA's "Legalize Gay," wearing The Welcome is the equivalent to independence, creativity, and offering a helping hand to those we may not understand. Accept the world you live in, because regardless you will always be challenged for possessing an optimistic mind. There's always going to be someone pointing out the negative in the right.
Don't let that be you.


  1. this is poetry. it may be tattoo'd on my arm so when i flex the words are bigger and badder

  2. This is really cool and I like the idea that it's unisex so much! I also think that the name of the brand is brilliant.