Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The End Is Never The End

cuz in the end they'll judge me anyway so whatever.

Words of wisdom and my life's motto. Not only do I want to dance by slowly waving my hands in the air with my eyes closed, but I feel a rush of independence when it's randomly selected on my iPod. Such a shame he's coming to perform at my school in 2 weeks and I won't get to see him: sorry, it was necessary to end my academic career with a bang (Lady G). Kid Cudi moved to Brooklyn at 20 years old to pursue his music career. Not a doubt in my mind that he was in an Empire State of Mind. So Jay-Z... step out the way. Which leaves me with one obvious thing to say: I will run into this man on the moon when I move out to New York this summer in one of the many American Apparel stores.

1. Rage with and drape on Kid Cudi
2. Judge others along side of Kid Cudi
3. Drink Red Stripe with Kid Cudi
4. Find a job
5. Find an apartment

Birth name: Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi. Where did the Kid come from? I won't be able to sleep until I can speak to Cudi personally on the phone to ask why. Oh I kid, i kid. But really....

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  1. Fine.I really like such blog which are descriptive to yourself.It's good to feel dancing and leaving the stress out.Also your priorities are worth wishing.