Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time To Break Up

Lady Gaga. She might not appear to be the role model you wish upon anyone, but she's become successful due to a distinguishable personality and ridiculous sense of style. As one of today's greatest pop music icons, Lady G paraded to the top and not once looked back.

Learn. She poked her face, just
danced in the dark, became a monster: all for the fame. Anyone could have done it. I don't just idolize her dream, but her intense desire that got her there.

First post. Why the title? It seems as if I didn't get the Tiffany's jewels or surprise bouquet of a hundred red roses I was dying for from Mr. Perfect just two days ago, but false. I'm letting go of college. Who am I kidding? I was mentally checked-out about 4 months ago.

My blog will just be my reflections on how to make sense of the fashion and music scene around us. I speak the truth and tend not to sugar coat anything but my Starbucks soy lattes. As a soon-to-be college graduate, I will be launched into the New York scene with all the big lights, extreme level of entertainment, temptations of couture shopping, and beggers draped on the street corners.

I'm ready.

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  1. Love your blog. Your writing best describes your attitude! cant wait for more...