Saturday, May 8, 2010


^ Major props to Roger from Swagtivate

Holding all sarcasm. Make way for the JLR collection that casually rocked the Miami scene April 27 & 28th. I think the picture above sums up the confidence I have in Jess LaRock: smirk of satisfaction paired with a tee that is none other than signature JLR. Let's talk facts. Besides the pre-Madonnas that walked the booths of eMerge trade show (1 out of 100), every Miami buyer had not one criticism. Not. One. But we were demanding for feedback just to make the collection the best it can be! The main question asked was how they could get a piece of the action. Not mad about that. It's quite simple if you go to and contact the designer herself. Settle down, in a few months you will be able to buy right off the website.

One thing that spews from this designer's mouth is nothing short of positive words. Imagine being the owner of a company that foresees all employees in selling, design, public relations, accounting, etc. Then imagine being Jess LaRock: she does every part of it all by herself. I would be a cursing fool if I were in her hand-sewn, sequenced Converse shoes. Having a passion and pursing it is more rewarding than money could ever provide. Finding it at the age of 24? Good lord.

Probably one of my favorite sights at the trade show was either seeing a giggle of curiosity coming from our new best friends with gold grillz and Ray Ban shades worn indoors as they viewed Rocky the Poodle with a pistol of a mouth or JLR stickers being worn on Miami buyers' hats, clutches, and over their designer labels. First trade show for JLR was a success to say the least.

If you can't convince them, confuse them. The Welcome is to entertain those who just don't understand. Lost already? Consider yourself a member of the JLR fan club. Word of advice: shop while it's new. Don't be bashing my blog a few years from now when the cheapest JLR tee on eBay won't sell for under $100. It's 2010, people. Go JLR or go home.

Ps. Lady Gaga. You know you want to drape yourself in this collection and yes, you can model for us.

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  1. Bre you are absolutely right. JLR line is completely awesome not to mention wearable at any age. I know you had a great time in Miami..what an experience for the both of you!