Friday, May 21, 2010

Poetically Pathetic

You're more than what you make yourself to be
You're holding back a side we've yet to see
You're buried six feet deep and no one cares
I'll show you how to sweep them off their feet
Forget their ways, they choose to be
Everything that's fake and insincere

Amber Pacific. I swear I don't like this band solely because my best friend lives in Seattle, Washington. Thus the significance of their band name. I'm not sure why we had to wait almost three years for the new album to come out though. At least it was worth the wait, unlike Twilight's 2nd movie, New Moon. If Eclipse seriously fails me, obscene letters will be written and threatening phone calls will be made. Can someone tell Kristen Stewart she isn't an actress?

Purdue Alumni. For all those who aren't taking a victory lap because we can't wait to get out of college, CONGRATS. We did it. However, I didn't think the moving process would be so sad. I almost wish there was a big fire I could throw all my belongings into, so I didn't have to sit and reminisce about every item. As small as my apartment is, I'm shocked but more so alarmed at the amount of unnecessary, insignificant crap I accumulated throughout the year, yet can't part with? I cracked the reality whip on myself today as I finally threw away a shot glass necklace from the Den and used-up highlighters. If I don't change my ways I will end up on the show Hoarders.

Fact: Even though leaving college means tears and heartache, think about the future. I am positive I will only be able to count on 2 hands the number of people that will even matter to me a year from now and I'm not entirely upset about that.

Fakes and flakes, exit my life.

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  1. That last paragraph is you in a nutshell. Rock on and take NY by storm!!