Thursday, May 27, 2010


Fresh out of London, this pop sensation is iconic solely because of her unique voice that stretches further than that of Mariah Carey's. Thanks to her deliciously fearless wardrobe, there's no doubt she's made her mark like Lady Gaga. Not to mention, she has Robert Pattinson's hair, which we all can't complain too much about. But who are we kidding, it may just be a British craze since both are from England.

Elly Jackson, if you need a stylist for La Roux, please consider hiring me. I've never kicked the habit of playing dress up (since my outlandish appearance always seemed to confuse those from Indiana when paired with plum lipstick) so why on earth would I stop now? Moving to New York eases my mind. Why? I can wear whatever I want, other than a "I Love NY" tee, and be considered stylish. Fashion isn't something you do; it's simply how you carry yourself. So don't think that just because you are wearing an Alice & Olivia dress, Jimmy Choo's, and a Loui bag draped on your shoulder, you are a starlet. If your personality screams success and confidence, you can wear H&M, proudly, as you outshine the rest.

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