Monday, June 14, 2010

Adios Midwest

Hello Union Square.

As Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional would say:
"So long sweet summer
I stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays
So long sweet slumber
I fell into you, now you're gracefully falling away"

Needless to say, a little depressing. That is, if you look at it in a pessimistic way. And I'm not meaning the picture above. Quite honestly, those lyrics intrigue me: opportunities lay ahead of those who are looking. I don't think you can just fall into a miracle. You are the sole creator for your actions and the thoughts behind your decisions. I leave for NYC (haters call it New York Shitty, because they don't know the half of it) tomorrow. Signing a year lease on an obnoxiously small, yet stylish 1 bedroom that eats up most of my salary? I've just been slapped with what I'm assuming is the big apple. It beats living in a box outside Park Ave. But then again, it's Park Ave! Oh decisions; I'm actually glad mine led me here. I'm not nervous to live alone in the madhouse area of downtown Manhattan nor for my first day of work in a corporate office. I guess the correct word for how i feel is: restless. It beats feeling overwhelmed or apprehensive. I simply just can't get a grip on sleep. For once, it's not because I'm pondering why people find Kristen Stewart attractive or why Giada has a bigger mouth than all of the Food Network stars' combined. I just want to speed up time: such a realist I am. But in all seriousness, I'm ready for adulthood and everything that comes along with it.

Because I have a huge support system on here (Mama Chiero) I need to make a special shout out to you: Thank you so much for everything. These past 2-3 weeks have been hell. Not sure if we wanted to kill or love each other half of the time. But we did it. After too many expensive flights to the city to find a job and apartment, wiping Costco entirely clean, and practically owning all of Orland Square, I'm surprised no one has developed an ulcer out of complete shock or complication. Packing up the truck had to be the cherry on top: us being unsure of it fitting everything or dad making a clothing rack out of twine. He really could do some good in the wild. Thank you, love you. I will miss you tons.

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  1. I have to say, that was one heck of a farewell note! Thank you. I am and will always be your biggest fan. So when your out on Saint Marks...just remember my face when I saw the crowds of people....and I'll remember yours (smile) :)
    Take NYC by storm and do what you love to do!!
    Im happy for you...congrats!