Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Liked It

To set the record straight, I am a huge Zooey Deschanel fan. Not only is she spectacular in 500 Days of Summer, but she should be Urban Outfitter's poster child. Her wit on and off camera is real, refreshing, and confusing to the naive. Just like Gabe, she's pushing thirty along with her never dying good girl persona- a desired characteristic that will cause her to get carded for her cosmos until she's a solid fifty. This interesting creature should not be compared to any other pop sensation. Try googling "Zooey Descahnel & Katy Perry." If you are just now realizing that our media is convinced these two were separated at birth, you should probably crawl out from under your cemented and sealed granite rock, and of course, let me delightfully shake up your world.

Katy, you can continue to compete with my Betsey Johnson wardrobe even though you will never win, but you absolutely have to accept that you will never be on Zooey's level of eliteness. A lot of artists sing about their personal experiences (duh) but I'm hoping that KP isn't.

Thinking of you.
Ur so gay.
Hot n cold.
I kissed a girl.
I'm still breathing.

Um, what the hell is going on? Stop dressing like a pinup girl and please figure out your life. Too many young adolescents are draping on your ideas of sass and will some how get tangled up in your presumed sexual confusion. For the sake of our future ten year old girls who are already cellular addicts and lipstick wearing fools, remember this- even though it wasn't your intention, you're boyfriend will still mind it.

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  1. Im a huge Zooey fan too. Elf was my first time seeing her (I think).
    ps you do have quite the BJ wardrobe!!