Tuesday, June 22, 2010


There's a dramatic difference between being a living fashion icon and just wearing fashionable apparel. Icons are respected. They make a huge impact on the entire retail industry by changing the way people shop. Thanks to their uniquely original sense of personal style, we all lust in greed to mock their every move. I'm sure anyone would agree that people who just simply frolic after Dolce & Gabbana's ridiculous high fashion Fall 2010 collection can't be awarded such media "hype" as if they were Lady GaGa.

Quick question: Why does everyone think Sarah Jessica Parker is the new Madonna? Just because she was casted in fancy television series that hit the theaters, doesn't mean she is actually living the life of Carrie Bradshaw. Breakdown: someone very creative thought to put couture into the role of all four women, the stylist took on responsibility to engage in pieces from the obnoxious runway collections, the producer made all the sexual glamor come together, and SJP was just lucky to get caught up in the mix. I shake my head in utter disgust that she all of a sudden believes her alter ego is who she really is. You aren't a designer, your portrait shouldn't be a wall mural in the center of Halston Heritage's showroom, and you have a face that is painful to look at without the help of Photoshop and extremely professional makeup artists (refer to airbrushed picture above).

I envy that Carrie alter ego for one sole reason: she received a black diamond engagement ring in Sex and the City 2. I feel bad for my future fiance, he has no other choice but to bank on that piece of jewelry to get a yes out of me. Black's my favorite color, so sue me. "Retailing at $10,000 the Itay Malkin ring is available for sale through private sale only." No big.

SJP- you are a gypsy fool. I'd personally shop at Charlotte Russe if I knew it would somehow destroy a fraction of your world. Believe me, it takes a lot to even mention such a throw away clothing store. By that I mean, you literally should dispose of the garbage since it not only faults your life in a prohibiting manner, but shambles your skin into rashes if draped upon.

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  1. This, by far, is my favorite blog! Not only did you describe your feelings about SJP but mine also. Thanks for speaking the minds of so many who dont have the guts to do so. MEOW!! And about that black diamond ring..nothing wrong with setting the bar high!