Saturday, June 26, 2010


Why have I yet to discuss the infamous RP? It dawned on me when I passed the theatre by my apartment today, ECLIPSE JUNE 30TH!!@#$OMFG! Sarcasm. Especially knowing the third addition could have been done without. Let's jump to K. Stew being preggers in saga novel numero 4. Shame on me, I still believe it's impossible for her to out do herself in the awkward department. I may have to own the movie if proven wrong. But who am I kidding, it will be in my possession either way by my next milestone (oh christ i'm approaching mid-twenties) birthday. Any RP themed trinket/gift/craft is an acceptable and allowed automatic go-to. Wolf Taylor, you are still an adolescent. How did you acquire a 24pack? And sadly, I'm not talking a case of beer. That poor child was probably forced to be an anti-socialist by pumping iron in his room at 11 years of age, when he desired to play hopscotch or Barbie Magic Hairstyler (only trying to be brutally honest). I feel bad for his troubled future.

Your accent is delicious.
Your smile is coyly mysterious.
Your hair is a market for gel products.
Your masculine, chiseled jaw is quite devine.

So easily draped in an Urban v-neck or pinned up in a suit.

Team Edward.

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  1. Hmm dont know what to say..a long time coming for you. But..Im a Team Jacob fan. sorry