Friday, June 25, 2010


After approximately 3.5 hours of surfing the web, I was able to find a non-methed photo of Madame Winehouse. But that's just looking at the glass half full. For amusement, let's allow her headlines to be a comic relief to our Friday night:

Amy Winehouse's Father Jagger Warning
Winehouse Quits Booze For New Boyfriend
Amy Winehouse's Sober Promise
Winehouse Back In Hospital
Winehouse Released From Hospital
Winehouse in Hospital Again
Amy Winehouse Plans Cuban Holiday
Amy Winehouse Wants Driving Lessons
Amy Winehouse Needs To Be Clean Bride
Amy Winehouse Says Bye To Cats

The definition of a hot mess. When a sole individual can trump that of America, let her have the trophy. You win, Amy. You are a messy beast who uses rehab as your playground. Your cheesy tattoos and cherry red push-up can't get you out of this one.

I said, "No, no, no."

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