Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Broadway is Dark Tonight

I'm in the mood where everything seems like an effort, examples being: making conversation with someone who speaks with a 5 monotonous word vocabulary or trying to persuade one who possesses the caliber of a deranged animal that's crazy in heat. Either way, it's a twisted world we live in, where people confuse themselves by over-analyzation and usage of trickery words at those we seek to pursue.

Bring me back to grade school/yesterday, where I'd throw sticks at the cute boys and not speak to them unless a note was passed in World History. Clearly, society hasn't entirely changed. Needless to say, I can safely speak on behalf of all males and females when I mention the most shared activity among all: The Game.

It doesn't come naturally to most and quite frankly so many people don't know how to participate. Those individuals probably will inherit soul mates early on in life and continue down the road of normality. Then there's those, such as myself, who wake up every morning without feeling like P. Diddy, and live to submerge in the game, which is more or less like Monopoly. Resist texting those we are interested in solely to make the impression we don't care. Then we may busy ourselves on the weekends so that certain someone is convinced our lives are that of a celebrity's who was just featured on the new Vanity Fair. Goes without saying- in the public eye, when we hang out in a large group, I will talk to everyone but you, so learn to fester up something charming to say.

It's all about flaunting what is not easily obtained -yourself. Done right, it will work on your behalf, as you inflate your ego with confidence and pride.

Cue in Goo Goo Dolls because East Village is also dark tonight. Goodnight.


  1. Great post.It's good to remind to your old days your passed with your school mates and had a fun.It can reduce your stress.