Sunday, September 12, 2010

And Twist

I can't help but love 3OH!3's collaboration with Ke$ha. Even though she's more of a mess than the most disastrous houses on Hoarders, it's a wonderful jingle to pre-up your night as you primp your appearance and mass text confusing statements. Perhaps that's just me.

Regardless, it kills me to say I enjoy anything that Ke$ha partakes in, so please note that I still stand behind my statement of questing to solely prove to society that such a chaotic, challenged individual should not be given the title "pop icon." She is the reason adolescents cry out for attention by carrying around swiss army knives and yelling profanity during charity events. If you want to waste 3.32 minutes of your life, YouTube "My First Kiss."


1. This song should not have a video
2. Ke$ha is disgusting and should be sheltered from all eyes
3. Who was the stylist? He or she should be unemployed
4. Please explain the "extras" selected -were these girls pulled out of rehab? or are they friends with Ke$ha in real life? Both would make complete sense
5. Cut your hair

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