Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fashion 101

How can one be trendy?

1. Sip on Starbucks in public
2. Look messy chic
3. Be lethargic and lead with your hands
4. Wear sunglasses, always
5. Tattoo yourself abstractly
6. Collect trinkets
7. Carry around a YSL shopping bag
8. Bangle up both your wrists
9. Buy organics at Whole Foods
10. Drink PBR's as a pregame
11. Over-dress for the weather
12. Designer drop what you're wearing
13. Snap polaroids during outings
14. Own a vintage bike
15. Make casual conversation about poetry
16. Not Dell, but Apple
17. Black must consume your wardrobe
18. Sushi for every meal
19. What is Walmart?
20. Do not smile with your mouth
21. Fashion Week is life
22. Smoke breaks initiate conversation
23. Your thighs cannot touch
24. Thrift in Brooklyn
25. Acquire fashionable friends
26. Chiffon worn daily
27. Topshop is a stress reliever
28. Read The Great Gatsby on the subway
29. Pale is the new tan
30. Blog about dive thai restaurants

Dedicated to all those who attend Parsons
and dorm dangerously close to my apartment.


  1. I say no to #5 and I wish like heck I can achieve #23 haha