Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Remembering what's important
and only consuming yourself with what matters
is a hell of a lot easier said than done.

Coming from an individual who spends about two hours picking out a birthday card, I know prioritizing isn't exactly a walk in the park. With that being said, next time Pandora shoots me some old school Story of the Year that I can't quite handle at 10am, I will nonchalantly refrain from enduring the pain by easily selecting "next." I'm sorry, but crippling pain makes me think of none other than Texas. Hands down the last State in this country I would ever want to consider my home/natural habitat. Throw me a wholesome country boy, hillbilly lyrics, and a beaten up cowboy hat and you'll receive nothing short of violent verbal abuse. Such a place isn't a vacation; it's torture. Find me in my black leather, studded attire sitting along side of a busted ranch with mascara running down my face in anxiety and fear.

Back to my wisdom: take everything a day at a time. As we are all prone to think about the future, know that it's utterly impossible when we don't know what tomorrow will bring. If only if we could plan accordingly to our horoscopes would I consider becoming a gypsy. Until then, I will keep calm and carry on.

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