Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time After Time

"Everything happens for a reason."
I live by this, so it must be true.

As this was the topic of conversation at dinner, it's baffling to recap everything done in life due to an outcome of something else. Take out one event in the past, and you'd be defaulted an entirely different lifestyle. Think about it deeply and you'll get the goosebumps. From the smaller scale decisions to the big ones, everything builds off the other. If I never went to Purdue University, I wouldn't be blogging in my first NYC apartment. If I never switched my major, I wouldn't have worked for a year at Betsey Johnson. If Blink 182 never formed a band, I wouldn't have spent the majority of my college Friday nights jumping and singing in a fraternity "party" room, leaving sorority sisters angry with annoyance. Needless to say, if my fancy puppy wasn't apart of the Chiero's, he wouldn't have a Facebook. The biggest statement to comprehend: The same people, aside from my family, wouldn't be in my life.
I cannot even fathom.

Without these events, perhaps I wouldn't be as twistedly confusing, as creating new words is a talent of mine. Maybe I would have played with the idea of normalcy for a few years longer instead of acting out obnoxiously to raise an eyebrow. And maybe I, too, would already be married with a mediocre job back in my hometown if my ambitions were as detailed as a blank sheet of paper.

As this is my ultimate life's motto, I hold myself accountable for each action, since fate is that of a fantasy entity of misfortune. Indeed, things do happen out of reason, but it's based off of the impulse or planned-out decisions we, solely, make. Own it.

Free spirits make me happy.
Happiness causes bliss.
One in bliss has not a single complaint.


  1. For someone so speak with much wisdom.
    Its awesome that you feel that be so free.
    Spread your wings...always
    love u

  2. <3, Dear Katy,
    We are a bit obsessed with you and will return shortly to devour yet another GREAT/CHEAP meal!
    <3 Gregory & Maurice