Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Funday

This allotted day of the week has a variety of purposes which after putting into action the chosen direction does it directly relate to your personal character. Most people fester around in Trader Joe's and do their laundry. Hi, I'm human so those things are, too, on my agenda, but to ruin a perfect day of play since I'm "completing errands?" You have to be kidding me.

Side note: This realization of a golden day isn't because I'm a youthful twenty-two. Re-follow my blog about 15 years from now, and I'm sure it will display the strategical process of how to master perfect Sunday bliss. I don't think of today as the end of my week; it's the start. In order to ease my way around a piercingly disturbing Monday morning, why not cheers with an unlimited sangria brunch or partake in city frolicking, which may or may not involve a cold glass of Stella.

Excuses may include: your state of tiredness, how much you raged, perhaps the time change, previous commitments such as packing a lunch for the morning, the weather, re-cleaning your apartment, stacking glasses, deep conditioning your hair, watching re-runs of Gossip Girl, flipping through the new Cher Vanity Fair, taking out the trash, calling a friend from home who never answers the first time around, editing the pictures you took over the weekend, stalking that girl on facebook you've never even met, overanalyzing your actions, thinking why he hasn't called you, steaming chiffon blouses, painting your nails mint green, or heading into midtown just to hate yourself.


Kind of like shopping at Nordstrom Rack. Re-think why it's even there? What a deal! $48 for a designer top that is out of season or didn't sell at Nordstrom so it's in limbo. The company had no idea what to do with their shambled merchandise but create a large warehouse pit encompassing the atmosphere of Wal-Mart on a weekend. Needless to say, if never purchased there will it then be given to charity.

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