Thursday, August 19, 2010

Breath of Fresh Air

Demi Lovato

I hadn't stalked her pictures until I was told by a few New Yorkers I resemble her. No biggie, only four years younger & Disney Channel star.
My future is so bright. And confusing.
:casually swigs back lemoned water from Neon Cactus cup:

  • Fav Band Paramore & Jonas Brothers --Duh. You were home schooled with Nick.
  • Fav Show As The Bell Rings --BIAS
  • Fav Song Born For This (Paramore)
  • Fav Song Hollywood (Jonas Brothers) --Again
  • Fav Fruit Oranges --Not mango?
  • Fav Color Black and Red --Not colors, color.
  • Fav Treat Rice Krispy Treats, Chocolate --Perhaps a chocolate dipped rice krispy? I'm always thinking
  • Fav Food Pickles, Cheese, Eggs --Gag. Officially think less of you.
  • Role Model Kelly Clarkson --Why?? Might as well be Obama.
  • Crushing on William Beckett (Feb, 2008) --A whole 2 years. Gabe Saporta & I win. (6 yrs)
  • BFF Selena Gomez
  • Loves Poetry --Not Disney Channel?
  • Loves Shopping --STFU!
  • Loves her Squirrel Pillow --Disappointed
  • Prefers Singing over Acting --Oh okay
  • Cant Live Without Ice Tea, Computer, Sunglasses, Cell Phone, Purse --Yawn

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