Thursday, August 19, 2010

So Little Time

I grew up with these two. Let's reflect.

The duo that hit the spotlight at the age of two years old. A big round of applause- they made it big. Really big. Television stars, fashion icons, and didn't sell themselves out by ending up in jail. Seriously though, to be in fame your entire life and not mess up that much? Proud.

Everyone goes through their issues and it made me sick that Mary-Kate was a target of it all. Why didn't the media harass the 6 foot couture runway models who are 90lbs soaking wet? Insensitive people that try to tear down those who are incredibly successful will go absolutely no where in life. If I could make that a fact, I'd dispose of my Betsey Johnson wardrobe, just for a simple statement. Spending most of your days being bitter and trying to make everyone around you as unhappy as you are means you are a pathetic fool. Lock yourself up in a cage and nonchalantly toss your phone out the window. It's not like you have friends who give a damn anyways.

I will always be an Olsen Twins fan. They never stop. Approaching mid-twenties, remaining a fraction below the paparazzi radar, and partnering with Steven Madden to create amazing shoes? Shut up.

Side note: It sounds entirely wrong to say "Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen" doesn't it. Keep strong girls.

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