Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dating 101

I'm afraid that term "date" has retired. A guy will take you out, but know that you two are just casually hanging out. So don't fall head over heels right away -especially when he texts throughout dinner. Where did manners go? I demand to know so I can immediately retrieve them. I feel slightly jaded now that I'm in my twenties. Dating is not like how it used to be. Guys would have to get ahold of a girl they are interested in a few days prior to date nights (Friday and Saturday), in hopes she won't be busy and/or say no. Now, it's about convenience. Hey let's go to a bar and then meet up with my friends. Come over and watch a movie after I'm done working out. Let's grab food from that place across the street.

Um, no thank you. I'm a far cry from high maintenance, but when it comes to relationships, I expect nothing less than what I deserve. Especially in the beginning. If it starts out effortless, when will that ever change? These are the years we are suppose to live it up, be mature, and figure out what we need in life. Dating. What does that word actually mean? You are getting to know individuals as you figure out the type of person that is a good match for you, ultimately for marriage. Shocking I'd bring up the M word, but in all honesty, that's the whole purpose of courting. I think that's why the whole dating scene is such a confusing mess. People shy away from anything that screams commitment, because what happens if someone better comes along? That's right, remain single.

Cosmopolitan does a good job pointing out what's sexy vs. skanky, but the offered relationship advice should be ignored.

"If he doesn't call you, he doesn't like you." -Okay this might not be true. And quite frankly, please don't call me. I'm too busy to kick back and talk nonsense. Text me.

"Beware for ultra-romantic dates. He's just hiding his taken status from his friends." -Hi, this absolutely makes no sense. Be happy you aren't on a date consisting of chilling with his friends and slamming back beers.

"Haven't heard from him in a few days? Chances are he's dating other women." -Or maybe he has a life? If you're so worried about him not texting, ask where the hell he's been. You have a phone too. Self-pitty makes me cringe.

"He says you're soul mates. Those powerful words roll off his tongue because he's said them so many times before." -If he has, that's just pathetic. If anyone but Gabe Saporta told me we were soul mates, I'd cackle back in laughter. Seriously? Too much.

Remember, children- you get what you ask for. Dress up as a hooker and you'll receive a guy who is just as shallow. Hang around the Financial District and you will end up in a relationship with a guy that only cares about stocks, money, and having arm candy such as yourself. Always be available and you'll get walked all over.

So what's a girl to do? What you want to do. Have faith in everything falling into place when it should. If you remain true to yourself and pursue your own passions, you will stumble upon someone who is more in sync with what is important to you. And never for a second think you can mold someone into what you want them to be. It's not going to last.

My favorite Lady G quote:
"Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you it doesn't love you anymore."

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  1. OK..Now this has got to be the best read. You are talking like a much older person! Yesss..stay true to what you want, what you dream..there is a plan in life..and it will come. Because trust me..its worth the wait!
    Women should never settle but def stay focused like a lazer beam on what you want. <3
    ps..there ARE men out there..ones with manners and old fashioned values.