Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm Chuck Bass.

Trademark or no trademark, give me that guitar necklace.

Oh what it must be like to encompass charm, wit, and wealth. I believe he's the next Richard Gere. When I make bold statements such as this, I'm right. Why? Who else can talk suavely with their eyes other than these two? Although I don't follow the storyline of Gossip Girl on and off camera (because I do have a life), I am still entitled to my opinionated comments: Blair, you just aren't good enough. Kind of like my take on Russell Brand and Katy Perry. She's just too much of a troubled soul for Brand's hot mess self- if that's even possible.

I may tune in to this television saga from time to time just to catch a glimpse of one epic suit after another. A tad bit alarming that such a creature can dress better than the huge percentage of female "fashionistas." As seasons progress, he subtly transforms into a new breed of hotness. Call it unfair, but at least our standards are, again, reinforced. His sneer is more wicked than an underaged sorority girl's beaming face as she gets turned down by a bouncer at the local dive bar. Like always, I wish I was kidding.

I wouldn't be too upset to run into Chuck at Trader Joes, reaching past him to swipe an avacado or perhaps brush by him in Union Square, making my way to Gabe Saporta's. Either way, your Ray Ban wearing self must submerge within the Manhattan scene, just to get a quiet cackle of pleasure out of me.


  1. Oh Bre Bre Bre... i beg to differ only bc i AM a loser with no life and therefore an avid GG watcher... since day one... as well as having read all 11 books before the show ever began. Unfortunately in the books Chuck has red hair and is gay... BUT thank god got the show using such a fantastic actor such as Ed Westwick to create SUCH a better character than in the books! I for one LOVE Blair more than any girl on this show... much better than the hot mess Jenny who thank goodness has left the show... and way better than Serena the town bicycle. Blair has power, class, and can keep up with Chuck's suave and tricky games. I've been rooting for these two since day one and was more than upset by their break up.
    However, I do most definitely agree with you t hat Chuck is worth watching this show for if not for his good looks and charm, than for his fantastic wardrobe that every guy should take a note from!

    Moving on, unfortunately for us we walked by Dan (Penn Badgley) instead of Ed. Still excited as I was, clearly Ed or Chace Crawford (Nate) would be a tad more exciting! On a final note, Chuck in real life is dating Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) VOM... what is he thinking??

    Until later, XOXO

  2. I cant compete with that comment