Saturday, August 7, 2010

E. Village

There's just one thing I love more than Red Stripe Jamaican Lager: The friendship of Pete Wentz & Gabe Saporta.

Matching beanies paired with coy smiles -I won't lie, I love it.

Pete Wentz's bar, Angels & Kings. 500 E. 11th Street.
(a dangerously close skip away from my apartment)
No, it's not my favorite bar in Manhattan because a scenester from Fall Out Boy calls the shots. And I don't mean of Crown.
I'm a huge fan of their twelve rotating beers on tap and live music, in addition to being forced into a mugshot upon entrance. As I submerge myself into A&K's weekly sunlight happy hour, I can't help but ponder where my adolescence has gone when I down a complimentary whiskey well drink with a splash of diet coke. These individuals don't joke around, just like my commentary on stalking Gabe Saporta's apartment on fourth avenue. Slap me with some urban boys draped in vans and tattoos, I'll promise to stay until the end of the local band's performance.

Pete Wentz was interviewed prior to the opening of the New York location of Angels & Kings. As a best friend of Gabriel Saporta, I wouldn't expect anything less than this response:
"I’m gonna watch all my friends get wasted and puke everywhere. It’s gonna be really funny. And since I was little dude, I’ve always had a dream of sliding somebody down the bar. You know what I’m talking about? Like they did in cowboy movies? I think I might make that a reality."

I wish I knew just a fraction of the witty banter Pete & Gabe toss around when they are alone together. It would destroy my world if it consisted of none other than neon hoodies, hair gel, eye liner, and shades. As beautifully humorous both young men seem in the media, it's such a harshly twisted concept to truly think they are humble, mature, and real. Thus why I've yet to bang down Gabe's door or show up at his citywide DJ-ing events. With most people I first meet, I mentally give them 3 solid months. True colors always show in time. My confusingly abusive ways usually deter those who don't matter
- the way I like it.

I've never had lyrics describe the inner workings of my mind until Sum 41 formed a band:
I don't want to waste my time.
Become another casualty of society.
I'll never fall in line.
Become another victim of your conformity
And back down.

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  1. deep
    but I find it distrubing that your having a wiskey and diet coke during the day!! ha