Friday, August 20, 2010

Touch Base

1. Subtle plaids work for you.

2. No need to look directly at us. Too much if you did.
:dies of happiness:

3. Mid-drift tops only suit you.

4. Ridiculous, yet ravishing.

5. You are a 10.

6. You tower over everyone. Not just because of your height.

7. Where the hell is this in NYC?
Clearly not Union Square. You'd see me in the back with small, portable devices -let's be honest.

"We're here to get some drinks, basically," said Mr. Saporta, who was wearing a pink dinosaur Silly Band. Then he got serious, sort of. "I know that M Missoni was bought by Valentino, so I'm here actually doing some investigative reporting to try to figure out why Missoni, which is a brand of its own, would sell M Missoni to another company. Listen, without money and business there would be no parties, so someone is paying for my free drinks, I know that."

Key words: pink dinosaur silly band.
And you ask why I love him.


1 comment:

  1. I know your wrists are full of them...I will scour the streets i Sept looking for him...for you!