Sunday, August 8, 2010

Well Said.

You will forever be someone I look up to.

As an adolescent, I streaked my hair, wore studded belts, and dressed as a young boy in my band tees in honor of my Avril pride. Though I never mastered the skateboard, I proudly saw you in concert on my golden birthday. Not feeling shame when I say I turned twenty. You started a fashion trend that still exists today. We call it "Hot Topic." Where children can frolic in your footsteps and be labeled as posers. The nonchalant waving of your middle fingers, ties worn over wife beaters as jewerly, and being one of the guys- you showed the world how it's quite refreshing to not fall in line. In fact, you made it clear that you don't like his girlfriend. Perhaps he should get a new one? Noted.

Deryck Whibley was a sk8ter boy.
You said see you later boy.

But wait! Hello, Brody Jenner.
You're so fine I wan't you mine you're so delicious.
I finally know who you were referring to.
On that note, goodnight.

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