Friday, August 20, 2010

Stuck In The Middle

Is it humanly possible for Mika's music to be weirder than his own name? Yes.

In all honesty, I don't hate it. It's different, eccentric, and unique. He attacks his piano like a wizard on crystal meth. Not to mention, he's absurdly the poster child for Lacoste (see above). If you haven't downloaded the entire "Life in Cartoon Motion" album, time to do something with your life. I let my Mika playlist jump around myself at work, and of course I cackle quietly under my breath in satisfactory vain. Only if someone understood a fraction of my baffling behavior would things make more sense.

Do not go another day without the following:

1. Stuck in the Middle
2. Relax, Take It Easy
3. Grace Kelly
4. Over My Shoulder
5. Love Today
6. Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

Of course they are in order of the best, chin held high I admit I may be the most opinionated person you'll ever meet. What's confusingly true about this statement may or may not make you laugh in bliss: Mika would make a good puppet. Needless to say, I'd be his puppet master. If I ever had a mid-life crisis, I'd go back to college and study puppetry, just for the sole reason to increase my verbal games. Aside from the fact that I would achieve straight A's, I could gain the knowledge behind the works of my own mind. Might sound odd to you. And if it does, it's because you do not dwell in New York. Perhaps that's why I call such a place my home sweet home. I can always bank on someone's actions giving me a story to tell on a morning/afternoon/nightly basis. I see the entire world in a different light just by living here. When I grazed in my Midwest habitat, I was so sheltered from the facts.

People are homeless.
People eat yogurt as icecream.
People are homosexuals.
People live in $950,000 lofts.
People dance on the sidewalks.
People dress up to get groceries.
People dance on the subways.
People buy you a drink from across the bar.
People hand out granola bars on your way to work.
People yell profanity infront of children.
People wear wigs for fun.
People go to block parties.
People drink sangria like water.
People break even with every pay check.
People wear fur vests in the summer.
People do not own cars.
People throw sticks.
People own tiny puppies.
People are different. Very different.

I like it.

A lot.

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  1. For me..I understand you..not always or entirely but its you. And yes..I like it.
    New York is a difference culture. Thanks for opening our Midwest eyes, our Midwest minds, and oh yeah...for just being YOU! <3