Sunday, August 8, 2010


"There are things in this world that I don't understand like love, war, gravity or the lay of the land. But all of these, remain mysteries. One thing is for sure -you are worth living for."
Spill Canvas. Great Band. Amazing Lyrics.

Purdue University made it absolutely clear that there are people who just don't give a damn about respecting themselves. Granted, try to fight me that it's not the best school ever and you will surely lose, since I'm a lawyer at heart. But tune in to the Greek society that swallows a fraction of campus:

* Girls dressing to impress which encompasses wearing ill-fitted tunics from Forever 21, black pumps, caked on makeup that resembles buttercream frosting and showing a little too much leg (when they shouldn't be, let's be honest).
* Guys (fist pumping frat boys) purchase handles and handles of the cheapest vodka and kegs of the flattest beer on the face of the earth in preparation for an epic night (which could be any night ranging from Monday-Sunday).

:let the night commence:

Right. This situation smells like trouble and is, in fact, a hot mess. Never did I go through my closet to select something risqué on behalf of someone else. I'll drape all over the place in none other than plaids, flats, and skinnies, of course I won't think twice about it. Since when has trashy been the new trend? I don't just mean appearance. If you don't obtain any standards, you are not going to get involved in anything that requires standards. It's okay to have your own picky selection process. Whether it be with who you date, what you wear, who you associate with or how you act. You will be respected. Trust me. I never understood the Greek life craze: let's all live together, go out together, and be labeled as one. Individuality is attractive, unique, and desired. College is absolutely twisted and backwards. It makes me sick to think of how girls market themselves just to get attention from the frat raging boys who have the mental capacities of baby gorillas.

Lucky for me, I was able to realize this early on in the game. I have no regrets. I graduated with a job in New York City, future bridesmaids, and can say that the entire time I was my own person. I didn't get caught in the trap of immaturity. I made the experience entirely my own and confusingly destroyed a few along the way. Such a fantasy world.

See you again soon, October 21st.

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  1. Laawyer at heart you're right! You can fight most things and win.
    I think you hit the nail on the head with the greek life statement, but some need a posse around them at all times to feel better. They won't survive the real world.
    You are wise beyond your years...
    Love the last true